Centennial - growth of New Zealand identity

Page 6 – Essay writing - 1940 Centennial

Use the feature The 1940 Centennial and your own knowledge and ideas to help you write the following essay which explores this event as one of significance to New Zealanders.

In history, there have been various ways that an individual or group identity has been formed or has developed. Such influences have included attitudes, heritage, beliefs, language, culture, shared experiences, ethnicity, values and gender.

In what ways did the centenary commemorations of 1940 have an influence on the development of a distinctive sense of New Zealand identity?

Introduction – write an opening paragraph that identifies:

  • the historical setting of New Zealand in 1940
  • the nature of the commemorations that influenced the development of a distinctive identity.

Body – write structured and sequenced paragraphs that explain:

  • the distinctive sense of identity associated with the centenary commemorations
  • a range of factors that contributed to the sense of identity as expressed by the centenary commemorations
  • how events associated with the centenary were influential in helping to develop this sense of identity.

Conclusion – write a concluding paragraph that sums up the main ideas and links them back to the focus of the essay

You should aim to write about 600–800 words.

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