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Just out of curiosity, I Sheryl Langton 18/10/2020
We have a beautiful piece by Hone McGregor 17/10/2020
My Grt. Grt. Grandmother was Anonymous 16/10/2020
I am disappointed, this does N.Greeff 15/10/2020
I was 9 years old, my sister JaneAnonymous 14/10/2020
Wikipedia features Fran 14/10/2020
Can't spot any references to Fran 14/10/2020
kia ora whats the name of our Angela Raroa 14/10/2020
There is no such person as Anonymous 14/10/2020
Here you go: https:/ Jamie M 13/10/2020
Ben - no. Where did you see Jamie M 13/10/2020
Kia ora (Hello, informally) Jim 13/10/2020
Was “the gossips “by crown Jenny 12/10/2020
I went to NZ. aboard the Sam Whittaker 10/10/2020
Hey. I found his tombstone in Anonymous 09/10/2020
Heremaia Te Ara Edwin 07/10/2020
A message for Andy McGinty Paul Kerr 25/09/2020
Annie E. Tucker was the Anonymous 22/09/2020
One of the oldest rugby Anon 18/09/2020
Mary Ann's maiden name was Michelle Wood 18/09/2020
Unsettled after returning Anonymous MOLLY DRINNAN 18/09/2020
Hi Anne - you will notice Gareth Phipps 17/09/2020
Robert Graham my Gt G/Father V.F.Gumley 16/09/2020
My family and I were Andy McGinty 13/09/2020
I grew up in Beaminster UK Tessa Bushell 08/09/2020
From this description, he Anonymous 07/09/2020
I have a Opuatia School Sheryl Nathan 06/09/2020
Listen or Sensitive To A Kiwi Trucker 05/09/2020
As a boy I remember his D F Butler 04/09/2020
As a boy I remember his D F Butler 04/09/2020
Louisa Kate Rickman was born Helen Edwards 02/09/2020
I am looking for information Martin Logan 02/09/2020
The Matakana War Memorial is Matakana War Memorial 01/09/2020
The only thing on the protest Anonymous 01/09/2020
Ellen Corrigan was my father, Allanah Tither 31/08/2020
Wikitoria Apahuna Clive Moon 31/08/2020
She actually had 3 children Anonymous 30/08/2020
I have a rare book I bought Susanne 28/08/2020
The story of the leadup to the massacres Ian Ritchie 27/08/2020
Specialist 4 Williams, E. Anonymous 27/08/2020
Specialist 4 Williams, E. Anonymous 27/08/2020
I was stationed in Camp Alton Sheek 27/08/2020
Jane Taylor (my gt Elizabeth - Bryce 23/08/2020
Mrs. George Bygrave, (Sarah Patricia Grant 23/08/2020
Hi I'm just trying to find Hazel 23/08/2020
Hakitara Julianne Nightingale 22/08/2020
My name is William James William Surgenor 22/08/2020
Lucy Ann Smith, my great aunt Jennifer Smith 21/08/2020
Mary Ann Sarah Graham, my Jennifer Smith 21/08/2020
if your 'highly-noted author' Te Wairere 20/08/2020