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This write up and account of George 15/07/2019
My guess is the house Brian Gallagher 11/07/2019
We came from a home with Anonymous 10/07/2019
Kia Ora I live in a small Anonymous 09/07/2019
Hi, Mervyn Neil Hartley 08/07/2019
Mesh Down Under help Jamie M 08/07/2019
Hi Kayla - yes, that is fine Jamie M 08/07/2019
Kia Ora Whanau, I’m the great AnonDr Benjamin Charles Mckay ymous 06/07/2019
In 2011 a 6.8 earthquake hit fiona forrester 06/07/2019
Really excited to find this Susan Thorn 05/07/2019
I have looked again at this Joyce Hislop 05/07/2019
I am curious why there is no Rachel J. Harrison nee Mckay (Tainui, Ngati Kahungunu). 03/07/2019
Kia Ora, Kayla 03/07/2019
I was one generation too far Kate Stalker 03/07/2019
Interesting fact; Rangi is Kate Stalker 03/07/2019
Hi Christin I served with Tana Haerewa 03/07/2019
After his service in the Boer Bruce Hill 02/07/2019
Memories! The best part is supernachos 30/06/2019
I don't believe Margaret Lynette Bonham 28/06/2019
Charles was beheaded...and as Debbie Kiriona 28/06/2019
Catherine Meek Hastie was Cheryl Hansen 27/06/2019
Delighted to find New Zealand Martha Berryman 27/06/2019
I am Henare Wiremu Taratoas Noel Te Whaiti 25/06/2019
Te Kuri Heremaia Riki Heremaia 23/06/2019
Te Kure Kotiria Riki Heremaia 23/06/2019
Amazing isn't it how the song Les 22/06/2019
I am looking for Information Vina Anderson 22/06/2019
My name My name is Shaun Anonymous shaun Wheeler 21/06/2019
Nice to see this item about Maureen Lee 21/06/2019
where did he sign it? Anonymous 21/06/2019
Hi, I'm looking to research Gerald 17/06/2019
Support line for abused women inc Annette Sheridan 17/06/2019
Hi Bradeley - if you want to Jamie M 17/06/2019
In 1967 my U.S Army tracker Ron 16/06/2019
Just a question - whose Lyn Tyler 15/06/2019
Margaret (Maggie) Naish (nee Jacqui 14/06/2019
The url for the National Coat Andrew NZ 14/06/2019
Hi Christina, Clive Fremlin 12/06/2019
I was stationed in uijongbu Don EUbanks sgt 12/06/2019
I have an image from what I Bradley Coates 09/06/2019
Alice La(y)man Rach(a)el Alison Clements 08/06/2019
I am proud to see that my Jocelyn ( Prior ) Sutherland 05/06/2019
This is my Grampa. He was my Marilyn Blomfield 03/06/2019
Reference Heather Blanshards Norman & Olive Allen 03/06/2019
Correction Ngaio Wharehinga 03/06/2019
I sailed on the last voyage David Meaker 31/05/2019
Damn British think they were Anonymous 29/05/2019
Our Tupuna Tawhai (also Anonymous 28/05/2019
Hi Jim - we'd love to have Jamie M 27/05/2019
This lady is my wonderful Jim Morton 27/05/2019