alfred domett

Personal details

Full Name:

  • Alfred Domett


  • 20 May 18112 Nov 1887


6 Aug 1862–30 Oct 1863

Age on becoming Premier:



City of Nelson


Alfred Domett was premier 1862-1863. Aside from politics he is remembered for establishing the Parliamentary Library and for his much-derided epic verse Ranolf and Amohia: A South-Sea Daydream.

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Events In History

  • 3 December 1863
    Land confiscation law passed

    Parliament passed legislation for the confiscation (raupatu) of Māori land to punish tribes deemed to have ‘engaged in open rebellion against Her Majesty’s authority’ in the early 1860s. Pākehā settlers would occupy the confiscated land. Read more...

  • Main image: Alfred Domett

    Portrait of Alfred Domett, taken by an unidentified photographer before 1888.

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