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The 1940 Centennial

  • The 1940 Centennial

    The centennial celebrations of 1940 marked a century of European effort and progress. Māori history and the centenary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi took a back seat.

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  • Page 4 - The Centennial and progress The 1940 Centennial, planned for five years and publicly funded, was a deliberate act of national self-definition by the first Labour

First World War bibliography

New Zealand and the First World War book


  • Buick, Thomas Lindsay

    Politician, journalist and historian Thomas Buick produced a  biography of Te Rauparaha before publishing his best known and most important book, The Treaty of Waitangi, in 1914

  • Rusden, George William

    George W. Rusden, an Australian author, wrote histories of Australia and New Zealand that were highly critical of the Crown's policies towards indigineous peoples.

  • Cowan, James

    Biography of prolific historian and journalist best known for the two-volume The New Zealand Wars: A History of the Māori Campaigns and the Pioneering Period

  • Main image: James Cowan

    James Cowan spent his childhood on a Kihikihi farm, which occupied land confiscated from Maori. Events following the New Zealand Wars dominated life and society in the area, and this engendered his lifelong fascination with Maori and colonial history.