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Tītokowaru's war

  • Tītokowaru's war

    In the 1980s James Belich argued that Tītokowaru’s war had become a ‘dark secret’ of New Zealand history, ‘forgotten by the Pākehā as a child forgets a nightmare’. For Belich, Tītokowaru was ‘arguably the best general New Zealand has ever produced’.

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  • Page 8 – A return to peace

    In late 1869 Tītokowaru had his third conversion to peace, after which his relationship with Te Whiti-o-Rongomai and Tohu Kākahi of Parihaka strengthened.

Treaty timeline

People: Te Tangata Kōhuru – The Murderous Man


  • Te Whiti-o-Rongomai III, Erueti

    Te Whiti was a Taranaki leader and prophet. A resistance movement based at Parihaka was led by him and Tohu Kākahi. Te Whiti was arrested following the infamous raid on Parihaka by Armed Constabulary in 1881.

  • Tītokowaru, Riwha

    Ngā Ruahine prophet, military leader, master tactician, peacemaker and Parihaka supporter, Tītokowaru was one of New Zealand's most important nineteenth-century figures.

  • Tohu Kākahi

    The prophet Tohu Kākahi of Te Āti Awa helped led the peaceful resistance movement at Parihaka. He was arrested by Armed Constabulary in 1881 and held without trial until 1883.

  • Bryce, John

    Native Minister who was in charge when 1600 troops invaded the settlement of Parihaka in November 1881

  • Sheehan, John

    Lawyer John Sheehan, the first European New Zealand-born Parliamentarian, represented Māori in land claim cases. In the later part of his career, he damaged many of his relationships with Māori through bungled negotiations and his own incompetence.

  • Hall, John

    John Hall was a force in our politics for several decades, serving as Premier and leading the parliamentary campaign for votes for women.


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