Alma memorial grove

Alma memorial grove. The cairn is made of local basalt rock and concrete with a bronze plate. The grove includes about 12 conifers (mainly).

The Alma memorial grove is a part of a network of North Otago memorial oak groves.

The original North Otago memorial oaks were planted in 1919, however, as subsequent development resulted in a number of these threes being lost, and many of the original and crosses purloined or broken, in the 1950s a local surveyor Jack Horner agitated for the establishment of alternative groves of memorial trees. As an aside, many of the brass plates were later found in the berms and grass and have been collected at the North Otago Museum. Since the 1990s a committee has replaced the wooden crosses, and the North Otago Memorial Oaks have again become a much more well recognised important part of the fabric of North Otago's history.
The other groves are those at OamaruKakanui, Maheno, Glencoe Domain, Ardgowan School, and Hampden.

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