General Liman von Sanders and Ottoman officers

German General Otto Liman von Sanders with officers of the Ottoman High Command during the First World War.

In the front row are (L to R): Cevat Pasha; Süleyman Numan Pasha; Esat Pasha; General Otto Liman von Sanders; Wehib Pasha; Hüseyin Rauf Pasha.

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Philip Danks

Posted: 31 Aug 2015

in the back row, slightly to the right of Liman von Sanders: isn't that Mustafa Kemal, the future Kemal Atatürk? Interesting body language as he learns forward, apparently to make himself more prominent. He's the only one wearing his headgear at a slightly rakish angle and he seems to be smiling confidently at the camera. Everybody else is posing with an unsmiling expression. This officer is destined for far greater things.