Kate Sheppard, suffragist leader

Kate Sheppard, the head of the franchise and legislation department of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, became the most prominent leader of the suffrage campaign.

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Posted: 26 Aug 2009

Hi there, I'm a student at Auckland University and I have just written an essay on the suffrage movement. I can't remember where I found it, but here is the speech Kate Sheppard made after women had finally won the vote: “The General Elections have come and gone. For the first time the women of New Zealand have joined with men in choosing members of Parliament, and we have waited with bated breath for the deluge of calamities which it was prognosticated would follow the admission of women into the political arena.” hope this helps :) Scylla


Posted: 02 Oct 2008

I don't think anyone has published a collection of her speeches and they certainly aren't available online, your best bet would be to check the manuscript references in the biography of Kate Sheppard written by Judith Devaliant (Penguin, 1992). There is at least one of her speeches in C. MacDonald (ed.), The vote, the pill and the demon drink, Bridget Williams Books, Wellington, 1993 Jamie Mackay


Posted: 02 Oct 2008

Hello there, I'm a teacher student and I'm finding it difficult to find these speeches, even with the library's help. this is appalling. Have you had any luck?


Posted: 13 Jun 2008

hi i am doing a year 13 research project on the speeches of kate sheppard but i am having the hardest time trying to actually find a speech! especiallt the 'is it right' speech. please please please help me if you have any information or even the actual speech could you e-mail me a.s.a.p i would be forever greatful!! thanx