No. 1 New Zealand Stationary Hospital staff

The medical staff of No. 1 New Zealand Stationary Hospital at Hazebrouck in France. Only some of those in the front row are named. The soldier fourth from left is Captain David Isaacs; the nurse on his left is Jean Gilmer. Matron Fanny Price sits in the centre, with Colonel Eugene O'Neill and Captain William Willis beside her. In the group of five nurses on the right, the second is identified only by her surname, Smith (she could be Alice or Ruth); the fourth is identified as Shaw, though the two nurses with this surname appear to have served only in England and Egypt. The soldier on the far right is Captain W. Gray.

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Wallaby Historian

Posted: 13 Dec 2015

The nurse third from left is, Elsie Grey from whom you've quoted her diary entries, given to the Turnbull Library by her neice Marion Simmonds(nee Grey) of Palmerston North. The nurse fourth from right is Alice Brash Smith from Cambridge in the Waikato. Sister on far right next to Captain Gray is Sister Edith Hay.