Omahu war memorial, Coromandel

Omahu war memorial.

Omahu First World War memorial

Omahu First World War memorial showing names


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Omahu is 3 km north of Hikutaia on the Coromandel Peninsula between Paeroa and Thames. This memorial records that it was first erected in Wharepoa 1922 and resited 1973. It was erected 'In memory of the men from Wharepoa and Omahu who fought in the war 1914-1919'. Among the names listed are H.G.H. Ensor, A Innis, E Innis, V.R. McCollum, E McCollum, A McCollum, B Thorn each with a cross beside.

I have included a pic of the grave of A Innes   who is recorded as having died in 1921, which suggests that the crosses may indicate those that had died prior to the erection of the monument, not necessarily during the war.

For more information about this memorial, see 'Relocation of the Wharepoa memorial' in the Ohinemuri Regional History Journal, September 1989, no 33 

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