Onerahi memorial oak tree grove

Onerahi memorial oak tree grove Onerahi memorial oak tree grove

In 1921 the Whangarei Beautifying Society planted an oak tree in memory of each of the soldiers from Onerahi who had died during the First World War. The trees were saved from being cut down in the 1990s, at which time a memorial was placed at the site (this information comes from the brochure, Heritage Trails of Early Onerahi, produced by the Onerahi Resource Centre Trust in 2017). The memorial is a granite slab with ten names inscribed: B.B. McKenzie, C.F. Dickson, H.A. Dickson, H.A. Going, H.J. Edwards, J. Lupton, C.M. Windram, P.W. Pullman, W.T. Spratt and C. Heard.

St Stephen's Anglican Church, immediately across the road from the memorial grove, displays a roll of honour inscribed with the same ten names.

A row of pohutukawa trees has also been planted in the vicinity, although not necessarily for memorial purposes.


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