Otautau war memorial

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Otautau war memorial. This war memorial was opened in 1922 by Prime Minister William Massey and contains the names of soldiers who lost their lives in the First and Second World Wars. On either side of the monument are two guns from Turkish and German forces. These guns were recently refurbished by the local RSA and protective canopies were installed. The war memorial is on Main Street, near Alderly Street.


A Tribute by the Residents of Otautau & District

The Great War 1914-1919

  • Angus, H. L.
  • Allan, L.
  • Ayton, J. B.
  • Beck, J. R. E.
  • Brown, W. G. N.
  • Butler, W. J.
  • Clark, W.
  • Craig, F.
  • Dodds, H. B.
  • Dove, A. E.
  • Ellis, P.
  • Evans, G. R.
  • Findlater, A. W.
  • Flett, W.
  • Ford, H.
  • Ford, R. E.
  • Ford, S.
  • Gavigan, O. D.
  • Gibson, J. T.
  • Gonley, D.
  • Grant-Ussher, F.
  • Healey, W.
  • Johnstone, P. T.
  • Johnstone, W. E.
  • Keddell, R. A.
  • King, L. V.
  • Laidlaw, F. A.
  • Laidlaw, J. G.
  • Laing, J. D.
  • Lamont, N. S.
  • Lindsay, A. D.
  • Meffin, G.
  • Moffat, H.
  • Moore, J. W. C.
  • Morris, J.
  • Muir, D.
  • McAfee, J.
  • McCaw, D.
  • McKenzie, D.
  • McIntosh, C. F.
  • O'Shaughnessy, P.
  • Pay, E. J.
  • Poole, A. P.
  • Poole, T. H.
  • Poole, E. A.
  • Powell, W. J.
  • Ryan, T. G.
  • Scott, A. J.
  • Stephens, T. A.
  • Tangney, E.
  • Thomas, E. R.
  • Thomson, A. D.
  • Ward, A. H.

Roll of Honour 1939-1945

  • Bone, G. D.
  • Bulmane, E.
  • Eason, W.
  • Gould, D.
  • Hargest, G. R.
  • Hope, R. G.
  • Insall, L.
  • Louden, E. T.
  • Matheson, M.
  • McMillan, R. T.
  • McKenzie, K. C.
  • O’Brien, V.
  • Pettitt, T. A.
  • Pettitt, R. S.
  • Pullar, H. W.
  • Sheedy, G.
  • Symons, P.
  • Thomson, M.
Site Style Unveiling Date No of Dead
  Square obelisk 1-Jun-1922 53 (ww1) / 18 (ww2)

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What do you know?


Posted: 01 Jul 2015

C.F Mcintosh is a relative of mine


Posted: 10 Dec 2012

There are probably another 14 or so men who died in the war that are not on the memorial. The total would be about 67 which is a lot for our area.