Patumahoe First World War memorial hall


Patumahoe War Memorial Hall.

On 1 July 1925 the Patumahoe War Memorial Hall was opened on the Mauku Road. This replaced the old Mauku Volunteer Hall, which was moved to the back of the new hall to serve as a supper room and library.

During the opening ceremony, a roll of honour was unveiled at the front of the hall. This was a granite tablet which bore the following inscription: “The / Great War / 1914 – 18 ; Patumahoe / Roll of Honour / Brady J. / Deveraux P. killed / Finlay B. / Furnage J. / Hawker H. killed / Hesketh E. killed / Howe L. / Knight E.C. / McFadden J. died / Moore R. / Patello H. / Patello N. / Robinson A. / Robinson W. / Stevenson V. / Torkar G. / Wattam J. / For King & Empire”.

In 1975 the Patumahoe Rugby Club took over the by then neglected hall for its clubrooms. The entrance was subsequently moved to the side of the hall, and the roll of honour relocated to the new entrance.

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