Polish immigrant children

Kindergarten group at a Polish refugee camp, Pahiatua, 7 February 1945.

In 1944 more than 700 displaced Polish children, with about 100 adults, arrived in New Zealand. Maria Wodzicka, herself a Polish immigrant, had helped negotiate their acceptance by the New Zealand government, and took a leading role in assisting them to settle in New Zealand. She mediated between the Polish Children's Camp at Pahiatua and government agencies, and she and her family acted as translators.

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Barry Mason

Posted: 20 Apr 2019

I had a Girlfriend back in 50s who was one of the Polish refugees. I was in the Merchant Navy. We were together for a couple of years. We only parted because of the the time between visits really. I often wonder what happened to her, her name is Steffania Krawczyxzyn. Of course we are both very long in the tooth now but if she is still around it would be great.