Secret radio at Stalag 383

A man lies on his bunk in a hut, listening to a secret radio at Stalag 383, near Hohenfels in Germany.

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C.Denys Cook

Posted: 30 Apr 2009

I have tried to find Syd Clfton for many years and I learned recently that he May have lived in MORLEY near Leeds and it is believed that he died in 1990 or 1991 This information has been given to the editor of the Morley Observer newspaper but as of 26th April 2009 I have not been given any information. I also wrote to the Mayor of Morley requesting info. Anyone readng this letter, ... if you have any info about Syd Clifton please inform me. at denys @ii,ca Thanks

C.Denys Cook

Posted: 06 Jun 2008

This was not the official secret radio. I worked on the official radio with Sid Clifton in stalag 383 for over 2.5 years taking down the shorthand at over 140 words per minute, It was a three valve set in a converted portable record player. We then dictated it to an australian who had the most beautiful 'copper-plate' handwriting I have ever seen. his hand-written sheets were then pressed on to a hectograph (made out of lime and apple jellies) and then over 30 copies were made and distributed to each company in the camp. I have told this to Kerry Single of New Zealand I have sketched the radio in my book