South Auckland military posts and scenes of engagements 1863

Auckland military posts, c1863

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This map was drawn in the early 1920s for James Cowan’s history of The New Zealand Wars and the pioneering period, probably by A.H. Messenger, a draughtsman in the New Zealand Forest Service. It shows the military posts established along the Great South Road. This all-weather road was vital to the British plans to occupy the Waikato basin. The sites of a number of engagements along the road are indicated, as are those of the encounters at Koheroa, Meremere and Rangiriri which followed the initial invasion of Waikato on 12 July 1863.

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What do you know?

Stephen Rae

Posted: 16 Apr 2020

I am surprised that Meremere is listed as a major encounter when in actual fact it was a firing artillery from some distance. What happened to Pukekohe East? A violent encounter between settlers and Kingites resulting in over 40 deaths and numerous casualties. Cowan indicates there were no casualties whatsoever at Meremere