Te Kowhai Memorial Hall

Te Kowhai memorial hall Te Kowhai memorial hall Te Kowhai memorial hall

The Te Kowhai Memorial Hall was opened in November 1955. Curiously, a marble tablet set into the steps at the hall’s entrance memorializes not local servicemen but the original hall trustees. However, the roll of honour inside lists the names of 44 and 38 men respectively who served in the First and Second World Wars.

On 25 April 2015 the Te Kowhai Hall Society unveiled a memorial plaque set in a boulder outside the hall to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings.

Sources: ‘New Memorial Hall at Te Kowhai’, NZ Herald, 30/11/1955, p. 18; Te Kowhai School & District, 1890-1990, Hamilton, 1990, pp. 40, 47.

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