Trooper Walter Stackwood on his horse, 1899

Trooper Walter Stackwood from Woodend in Canterbury, 1899. Trooper Stackwood was a member of the Second Contingent. This Contingent was made up of soldiers from both the Volunteer Force and regular military force.

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John Clark

Posted: 26 Apr 2021

The caption is somewhat misleading as Walter Stackwood was a 25-year old farmer from Wanganui at the time he volunteered for the South African War. He was a keen footballer, cyclist and athlete and member of the Wanganui Rifles. His mother, Sarah Ann, who he listed as Next of Kin (NOK), lived at Woodend at the time. Notice of his farewell can be found in WANGANUI CHRONICLE, VOLUME XLIII, ISSUE 15000, 11 JANUARY 1900, PAGE 2