Waipu Presbyterian Church Memorials

Memorial plaque Memorial plaque Memorial plaque

Colonel J.N. McCarroll unveiled the Waipu Presyterian Church’s First World War roll of honour on 27 August 1922. The marble tablet listed the names of 14 former members of the congregation who had given their lives during the war and another 70 who had also served, including two nurses, Sisters Mary and Hugha Sutherland. The church also erected a memorial bell and belfry.

The church’s Second World War memorial was an extension to the Sunday School building, opened in 1946.

Two individual memorials are also on display in the church: marble tablets installed in memory of Troopers Kenneth Mcleod, who was killed in action at Gallipoli on 12 June 1915,  and Colin Donald Mcleod, who died while a prisoner of war in Turkey on 4 January 1917.

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