Black South African women on washing day

Black South African women, at the time often referred to by the derogatory term 'Kaffirs', balance washing on their heads outside an encampment. Photographed by Rough Rider John McGrath.

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What do you know?


Posted: 21 Mar 2009

Fair comment. We have put it in quote marks to indicate this, but I will change the wording to reinforce the point you make. Thanks for the feedback. Jamie Mackay


Posted: 21 Mar 2009

I am appalled by the caption posted for the photograph of black south African women on washing day. The work Kaffir is extremely offensive and degrading to a race of people who have struggled all over the world for centuries. The direct translation for a Kaffir is a non believer. South Africa has progressed tremendously over the past 15 years and to refer to any race or person as a non believer or Kaffir is negligent on this website's part.