Film: the Queen departing from Bluff, 1954

Film clip: departing from Bluff

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Queen shaking hands with Governor General NorrieQueen waves to crowdRoyal ship departs

The Queen waves from aboard the Gothic to the gathered crowds. The ship sails off into the distance to the sound of ‘Auld Lang Syne’. The last frame is of a card with ‘The End - New Zealand National Film Unit Production’.


[Queen] ‘Now that the moment has come to leave, we do so with sorrow. But we also look forward to the day when we shall once more be able to visit your shores. May God bless New Zealand and watch over the destiny of her people.’

[Narrator] ‘Twelve thousand miles she came to us to find home once more and welcome from loyal hearts. That is what New Zealand means to the Queen and she to her New Zealand people.’

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