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Anna Woods
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Collingwood St
Sheet No: 26
Freemans Bay

Biographical information provided by Bridget Gerrie for the He Tohu exhibition:

Anna Woods Ballard was born about 1830 in Ireland. In 1852 she married Thomas Best, a Wesleyan Methodist Minister. Anna’s father and some of her brothers and uncles were also ministers of this faith. Anna and Thomas had 14 children, all of whom were born in Ireland. Eight of their daughters and one son travelled with them to New Zealand, arriving on the Wanganui into Port Chalmers on 7 December 1879. Anna and her family led a mobile life, travelling around the country to support her husband’s work. 

Anna died in 1910, aged 80.

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Peggy Haworth, a great-great-granddaughter of Anna.

Posted: 17 Aug 2018

Edward's and Anna's graves are at Purewa Cemetery and Crematorium, Block D-11-140. As you go along the one-way road between blocks D and E, a few metres after a green sign and rubbish bin on the right, then on the left there is a row with a tall headstone for 'B and A Vialoux'. This is the row to go down. The line of headstones reads Vialoux - Hawkins - Brain (3 graves) - Goold - Fort - Best.

Bridget Gerrie

Posted: 14 Aug 2018

I am the person who supplied the original information, and there are a couple of errors in this entry.

Her name is Anna Woods (with an s) Ballard or Best.

Please amend - Anna's husband and the father of her children was Edward Best, not Thomas).

I was most interested t see she was Edward Best's second wife, I didn't know that. I'm thrilled to have some more information to follow up!