The 1918 influenza pandemic

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This web feature was written by Imelda Bargas and produced by the team. We are grateful to Geoffrey Rice for his assistance and to Karen Cameron for information about the pandemic in Samoa.


  • 1918 influenza epidemic on the Christchurch City Libraries website
  • The Spanish flu – this Wikipedia page has links to other sites
  • Ministry of Health – see this website for information about the 21st-century avian influenza scare and how New Zealand is preparing for another pandemic


  • Geoffrey Rice, Black November: the 1918 influenza pandemic in New Zealand,  Canterbury University Press, Christchurch, 2005. Find out more about this publication on the CUP website. (See also: e-book version)
  • Geoff Rice, Black Flu 1918: The Story of New Zealand’s Worse Public Health Disaster, Canterbury University Press, Christchurch, 2017 - aimed at a younger audience

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