Gallipoli casualties by country


This interactive diagram shows the number of fatal and non-fatal casualties for Allied and Ottoman forces during the Gallipoli campaign (April 1915–January 1916).

The Gallipoli campaign was a costly failure for the Allies, with an estimated 27,000 French, and 115,000 British and dominion troops (Great Britain and Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Newfoundland) killed or wounded. Over half these casualties (73,485) were British and Irish troops. New Zealand suffered around 8000 killed and wounded, about 5.6 percent of Allied casualties on Gallipoli. The Ottoman Empire paid a heavy price for their victory: an estimated 250,000 Turkish and Arab troops were killed or wounded defending Gallipoli.

Note: It is difficult to determine exact casualty figures for the Gallipoli campaign as numbers vary in different publications. The statistics used for this graphic are based on casualty figures in Richard Stowers, Bloody Gallipoli (2005).

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Trevor Walker

Posted: 08 Nov 2019

Hi my grandad named Jack or John Walker who fought in Gallipoli and from Bolton Lancashire , as the story goes lost his hand and harm to elbow he was fitted with a cast hook and he was supposed to be the first person to make it back to the UK without a limb as most died on the field or later with shock , blood poisoning , it seems when he came back home they had a brass band waiting from him , which he did not like and came home through the back way , is there anyone that may know about this ?


Posted: 20 Apr 2019

Brilliant site very easy access and some interesting facts and figures thank you