Air NZ momentum sculpture

The sculpture Momentum, marking the significant events in Air New Zealand’s history, was unveiled at Air New Zealand headquarters in Auckland on 23 October 2009. Family members of the victims of the Erebus disaster were invited to the ceremony, at which Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe apologised to those affected by the tragedy for Air New Zealand's failures and for its treatment of families of the victims.

The sculpture by Christchurch artist Phil Price represents a focal point for reflection on all the significant events in the national airline’s history, from the induction of new aircraft types and opening of new routes to tragedies like the air accidents on Mt Erebus and near Perpignan. At the heart of the sculpture is the theme of momentum, capturing the allure of flight. The sculpture, whose movement will be powered by the wind, is an interaction between physical and environmental elements and a reminder of the fragile nature of flight and the dynamics of the forces at play.

Scene from the unveiling ceremony

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