Domingo Carlos, illegally working on a ship

Domingo Carlos
Seaman, born 1892, Spain
Tried: 6 September 1919, Wellington Magistrate’s Court
Charge: Boarding a ship after being served with an exclusion order
Sentence: Seven days’ imprisonment

In May 1917, Spanish seaman Domingo Carlos was imprisoned in Wellington for six months for assaulting and injuring another man. On his release he was classified as an undesirable enemy alien and banned from visiting the Wellington wharves under the War Regulations. The security of the country’s ports, its main transport hubs, was critical during the war, and access to them was strictly controlled. Carlos’ exclusion order was still in force in September 1919, when he was arrested for working on the steamer Orari. The magistrate sentenced him to seven days’ imprisonment.

Sources: Police Gazette, 1919, p. 614; Evening Post, 6 September 1919, p. 4

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